Retained Search

Retained executive search is recommended for those Digital Marketing searches that are the most important, most committed, highly confidential, or expected to be very difficult & unique.

The Digital Marketing retained recruiting relationship is used when your organization requires an exclusive partnership in a critical executive recruiting assignment. Retained search is an exclusive working relationship involving a contract. It also requires payment of fees at regular intervals during the course of the search project. Digital Marketing retained search is a contract for services. At The Digital Marketing Recruiter we understand and warrant the very highest level of commitment to a successful search result.

This type of Digital Marketing search requires 1/3 start-up fee (based on candidate’s first-year compensation) to initiate recruitment process. Upon presentation of a ‘short list’ of qualified candidates, the client agrees to pay an additional 1/3 fee. When a placement is made, the client pays the final 1/3 fee on the candidate’s start date. The service charge is 27% of the first year’s compensation.

Other Expenses
We do pass on “at cost” the following expenses: Candidate’s travel to interview at a client, the client requested job advertising, background check, degree verification, drug tests, etc.

We do not charge “administrative fees” to cover phone charges, printing, typing, copying, etc. We view these as normal and customary parts of the service we provide.