Fee Structure

I offer a variety of digital marketing search options. Should one of these not be suitable to your particular needs, please contact me. It will be my pleasure to work with you to achieve a solution that’s right for your organization.

Fee Structure – Digital Marketing All Positions – Individual Roles to Executive Leadership


Retained executive search is recommended for your most important, most committed, confidential or difficult digital marketing recruiting efforts. The retained digital marketing recruiting relationship brings your organization and our firm into an exclusive partnership in a critical executive digital marketing recruiting assignment. Retained search, sometimes referred to as “retainer search” is an exclusive working relationship involving a contract and payment of fees at regular intervals during the course of the search project. Retained search is a contract for services and the highest level of mutual commitment to a successful search result.

Requires 1/3 start-up fee (based on digital marketing candidate’s first-year total compensation) to initiate the recruitment process. Upon presentation of a ‘shortlist’ of qualified digital marketing candidates, the client agrees to pay an additional 1/3 fee. When a placement is made, the client pays the final 1/3 fee on the digital marketing candidate’s start date. The service charge is 27% of the first year’s compensation.

Other Expenses:
We do pass on “at cost” the following expenses: digital marketing candidate’s travel to interview at the client, the client requested job advertising, background check, degree verification, drug tests, etc.

We do not charge “administrative fees” to cover phone charges, printing, typing, copying, etc. We view these as normal and customary parts of the service we provide.

Exclusive Contingency

Exclusive contingency digital marketing recruiting search is a logical and attractive combination of both contingency and retained fee structures. This working relationship is strongly recommended when you prefer a contractually committed and fully engaged search relationship, but you do not want to commit to a fully retained search fee structure.

The client pays an engagement fee of $5,000 prior to the start of a search. The balance of the fee becomes due after the digital marketing candidate begins employment. The service charge is 30% of the digital marketing candidate’s first year’s compensation.


No fees are due until you hire our digital marketing candidate. If you prefer a risk-free search relationship and your search does not involve confidentiality, sensitivity, a high degree of complexity, or the exclusive focus of a search firm, the contingency fee structure may be your preference. While there are obvious advantages and disadvantages to the contingency fee approach, it is the best option for you if you do not require or expect a single search firm to land the result on your behalf. Especially suited for filling positions or roles having a base salary less than $80,000, contingency search provides you with a flexible, low risk/low commitment approach to utilizing us as your digital marketing recruiting partner. As your contingent search partner, we are certainly committed to providing you with exceptional service and to successfully completing the digital marketing recruiting assignment.


Management Positions: The client agrees to pay the total invoice upon placement of our candidate. The service charge is 33% of the digital marketing candidate’s first year’s compensation.

Individual Contributor / Non-Management Positions:  Account Coordinator, Account Executive, Content Creator, Content Strategist, Marketing Data Analyst type positions client agrees to pay the total invoice upon placement of our candidate. The service charge is 25% of the digital marketing candidate’s first year’s compensation.