Commitment to Diversity

The Digital Marketing Recruiter makes it a point to work with the diversity and inclusion objectives of each of our digital marketing recruitment clients. The preparation phase of our search allows us to examine and assess the skills and the other attributes you’re looking for in a candidate. We then develop a customized digital marketing recruitment strategy to pinpoint the candidates who match that profile best.

Diversity has a different definition, dependent upon the needs of the digital marketing clients that we serve.

Gender Diversity – Our clients require gender-diverse management teams. We leverage our vast network with top-level women and men in digital marketing to identify the best talent.

Cultural Diversity – We share with our clients the belief that a culturally diverse top management team is required to work in teaching today. Within organizations, cultural diversity can mean ethnicity, nationality, and/or strategic thinking.

Geographic Diversity – Sometimes our clients will ask us to strengthen their bench in certain high-growth markets. We do this by targeting digital marketing talent with experience in certain geographies – Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Age Diversity – At any given time, there may be three or four generations of individuals in the workplace. Our clients view this is a competitive advantage as each person brings different life experiences to the team.

Racial Diversity – As the employee population in companies across the country is getting more diverse our clients seek to hire staff, role models, and mentors that reflect the national demographics that make up our nation and local community.

Capabilities Disability Diversity – The U.S. government encourages the hiring of people with physical, mental or emotional disabilities through federal laws and by making funding available to companies to employ these workers.

Diverse candidates with the skills and qualifications you seek are out there. The recruiting team at The Digital Marketing Recruiter can help you identify and recruit them. We act as a bridge, connecting your organization with a network of diverse professionals you may be missing with your existing recruitment efforts.